• Do you want flexible volunteer work?
  • Do you want to do something for the city
  • Do you want to work together with other young people?

Amsterdam Cares distinguishes itself from other volunteer matching organizations by offering a wide variety of flexible volunteering activities. Our network has access to the online ‘volunteering calendar’ and can sign up easily for the volunteering activity of their choice. We do not put a fixed claim on the agendas of our volunteers. Instead we facilitate that they can volunteer on the moments that fit their planning.

Check out their website for more information.

  • Want to support charity by giving a second life to old books?
  • Interested in selling used books?
  • Looking for a volunteer position for few hours per week?

Books 4 Life encourages recycling by collecting used books and selling them at a fair price. Used books are given a second chance, sold in the store for next to nothing, and 90% of the income is donated to charity.
We always need new volunteers for our store and storage doing:

  • Helping hand: Collect books, transport them to the store, select and sort them out.
  • Supporting the Internet sales: Offer books on websites, create packages and bring them to the shipping point.
    Store Update: Someone with a broad general knowledge of books as a bookseller.


We are also looking for someone with a carrier bike and temps for sale at neighborhood festivals and markets.

For more information go to the website (note: in Dutch).

  • Are passionate about reducing food waste, as well as helping homeless people and refugees?
  • Are interested in conducting deliveries from bakeries to charity organizations?
  • And are interested in producing blog and social media content relating to the issues we address?

BreadCycle combines a passion for keeping the environment clean with the goal of making sure vulnerable people in Amsterdam are well-fed. With the help of community volunteers we deliver leftover food from local bakeries to organizations serving the homeless and refugees. In this same spirit we work to raise awarenes about about the situations refugees and homeless people face, and help to provide concrete ways people can take action.

Web: www.breadcycle.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BreadCycle-1734809676746198/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BreadCycleNL

  • Want to feel more rooted in your neighbourhood?
  • Interested in simple chores for people in need of some help?
  • Does doing this whenever fits you best sound good?

Good Neighbours Wanted! Burennetwerk Amsterdam is seeking people who enjoy helping their neighbours occasionally with simple tasks. There are many people who could benefit from a good neighbour. There are opportunities to help in different ways, according to what you like to do best. Some common needs are simple chores around the home, a short visit to a homebound neighbour for a cup of coffee, or help with transportation to appointments.

For more information, see www.burennetwerk.nl (in Dutch) or send an email to info@burennetwerk.nl

  • Curious about nutrition, health and nature?
  • Interested in education, research and culture?
  • Want to host, coordinate and develop events?

A unique natural lab in an urban environment where science, technique and business meet to stimulate healthier urban living.
The Green Living Lab (GLL) is a new research, education and cultural initiative at the former Almatuin school garden in Zuidas Amsterdam (now the Boeletuin VU). The GLL is committed to innovative ideas and inspiring projects by bringing scientific, technical and commercial expertise together.
From our special geodesic outdoor lab and organic garden, researchers including Professor Jaap Seidell VU & VUmc and Dr. Jolanda Maas VU & VUmc will conduct research into the influence of nature on human health and behaviour.
In collaboration with partners including Cityplot and Le Compostier and leading nutrition experts we will facilitate education programmes to students, office workers and the public.
Expect fun programmes of informative and creative workshops with the general themes of building a healthier society and co-creating together in nature.


  • Do you want volunteer work close to the VU?
  • Are you interested in sustainable jobs?
  • Looking for a one time experience or volunteer work for a longer period?

Natuur&Milieuteam Zuid is an independent organisation located in the South of Amsterdam. Our mission is to support and give advice to residents of Amsterdam Zuid interested in making their neighbourhood greener and more sustainable. We support community garden groups, nature maintenance initiatives, tree and sidewalk gardens, repair cafés, food waste prevention and more. Our organisation has opportunities for students to support our work as a volunteer both on a one-off basis or for a longer period of time. For example maintenance activities we do in a nature reserve that is part of the Vondelpark, doing reparations at a Repair Café, helping elderly people with their gardens or doing research on how we can improve our work.

We welcome students to check out our calendar of events at http://nmtzuid.nl/agenda/ or to contact us at info@nmtzuid.nl about doing volunteer work either at our office or with one of the initiatives we support.

  • Looking for flexible volunteer activities?
  • Do you believe that by doing small things you can make a big difference?
  • Do you want to become a part of a community and help people?

Serve the City is a movement of volunteers serving cities in practical ways and inspiring people to be “givers” in this world. We believe that many people doing small things together can make a big difference in our world. Serve the City aims to create community by serving Amsterdam through organizing and facilitating volunteer projects to help the underprivileged in our society. We want to invite all people to participate with us in service regardless of their religion, race, or socio-economic background. We need you to help us keep this project moving!

Choose your project at http://www.stcamsterdam.nl/en/projecten

  • Do you want to contribute to the integration of refugees into Dutch society?
  • Do you want to help connect host families and guests to each other?
  • Do you have about 4 spare hours per week?

Takecarebnb is a volunteer organization that contributes to a creative solution for the integration of refugees into Dutch society. We make it possible that refugees who hold a residence permit can temporary stay with Dutch host families while waiting for their own home.
We facilitate that with our team of volunteers. Volunteers run the organization and are responsible for matching and placement, administrative and technical support and communication. Volunteers who facilitate the organization’s fundamental activity of matching and placement are called ‘matchmakers’, and currently we are looking for more of them.
We are also looking for volunteers to help us with media strategy and more concrete marketing activities. If you are interested in this position, please contact Maja via maja@takecarebnb.com.

You do not have to speak Dutch to become a volunteer in Takecarebnb.
More info and apply http://www.takecarebnb.com/word-vrijwilliger/

  • Do you want to help to prevent food waste?
  • Do you want to get involved in something flexible and meaningful?
  • Do you like cooking, or organizing events, or riding a bike, or maintaining a blog or website?

Taste Before You Waste is an Amsterdam-based initiative focused on the prevention of food waste. Our aim is to raise awareness about the enormous amount of good food that is thrown away every day and inform people about what one can do to prevent this from happening. We try to achieve this through a variety of activities, ranging from food ‘giveaway markets’ and ‘no-food waste diners’, to the organization of debates and documentary screenings on the topic.

As a volunteer you can become part of the cooking team, the writing team, the transport team, the activism team, the multi-media/PR team, or you can help occasionally when TBYW needs more volunteers.

To sign up go to http://www.tastebeforeyouwaste.com/en/register.html

  • Do you want to volunteer without the extended commitment?
  • Do you want to make a big difference with a little amount of effort and time?
  • Do you want to help provide a warm meal to those in need in the Amsterdam area?

The Voedselbank (food bank) aims to gather a variety of healthy foods on a weekly basis, and then give to those who can’t afford food for themselves. In this way the Voedselbank works passionately in an effort to counteract poverty, decrease food surpluses and relieve the environment in any way we can. By bridging the gap between food surplus and poverty in the community, Voedselbank successfully distributes around 4500 food packages weekly.

We’re especially looking for volunteers to contribute by packing these packages on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, 18.00-20.00 pm.

Create a Foodbank account and sign up for any date you would like by clicking here. For more information on how to create a Foodbank account click here.

For more information visit their website:


  • Do you want to fight food-waste?
  • Do you want to support vulnerable locals and give back to community?
  • Do you want to be part of a fast growing awesome organization that really makes a difference?

BuurtBuik shares the abundance of superfluous food from supermarkets, restaurants and caterings to support people in need, to bring people together and to battle food waste! Everybody is welcome to share a free meal at BuurtBuik and this results in a fun and ‘gezellige’ afternoon or evening where locals are our guests. We are active all over Amsterdam and offer volunteers a flexible way to give back to their local community. You will be able to do something meaningful together with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. You can help us by hands-on activities like helping at the BuurtBuik location and collecting food by (transport) bike. We also offer a lot of opportunity to grow within the organization as local staff to improve your social and organizational skills!

Subscribe here and tell us how you want to join!

To get the BuurtBuik feeling check-out our short videos:

Local Staff