The mission of the Green Office Education portfolio is to embed sustainability in the curriculum at the VU.

Greening your education…

As an academic instutition, the Vrije Universiteit has a responsibility to educate its students for the world they are inheriting. Access to an comprehensive curriculum on sustainability is integral to the future success of its students. The Education Portfolio of the Green Office is focused on working with professors and academic staff to lobby the university to increase the presence of sustainability in the academic offer. Courses and minors that have a sustainability component should be diverse and accessible, allowing students from a broad range of academic backgrounds to learn about sustainability in an interdisciplinary way.
Interested in including sustainability in your own academic trajectory?
Consult the inventory of courses to see which courses are on offer at the VU that have a sustainability element.

Are you an Honours Student?

Check out the brand new 2nd semester Honours Course: Designing Innovations for Sustainability

Beyond its effort to embed sustainability in the curriculum, the Green Office endeavours to supplement the core academic activities of the university by hosting its own Lunch and Evening Lectures. These lectures have a more casual feel and touch on a wide range of topics under the broad umbrella of sustainability.
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