The aspiration of the Research Portfolio is to increase and support accessibility to the field of research in sustainability. The approach is multi-faceted therefore, dynamic and always open to exploring new ideas. At the core of this Portfolio, the aim is to achieve the following:

  • Support and encourage collaboration between individuals and institutions whose goal is to drive positive change.
  • Create opportunities for interdisciplinarary research in sustainability.
  • Generate resources suitable both for academic research and for those wishing to broaden their knowledge of sustainability.

Current projects within the Research Portfolio are as follows:

The inventories have been produced in order to create an overview of all the research on sustainability conducted at the VU Amsterdam. It is important to note that these documents will forever be a work in progress, reflecting the fact that academic research is an ever-changing subject. Simultaenously, students using this resource should be aware that both inventories have been created by using the available information on the website which might not be complete and accurate. Hopefully this inventory will incite students, researchers and Education- and Program directors to reach out and update the information.
There are two separate inventories, one which covers Research Institutes and Research Centres, while the other contains information for Individual researchers, PhDs and Theses.
To view the inventories click Resources.
An opportunity to do more with your research papers!
Submit your papers for publication in the second edition of the Science for Sustainability Journal. Deadline: August 31st 2017
For more information click here.

The first edition of the VU Journal of Sustainability Studies has been published early 2017! Check it out here.

The aim for the journal is to include accessible content within the Journal that can be used both by thesis students and students who are simply interested in learning more about topical issues within the field of sustainability.

The purpose of the Student Consultancy Hub is to act as a platform for the facilitation of research on sustainability by performing the following functions:

  • Offering a facility for parties, both internal and external to the VU;
  • to present sustainability centred issues or ‘cases’
  • Connecting students seeking research projects with these cases.
  • Co-ordinating the successful completion of each case;
  • supporting students and key stakeholders throughout the process.

This project offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience whilst being instrumental in the creation of valuable research that will ultimately help organisations to make important, informed decisions. Feel free to contact if you would like to discuss a proposal for a case or if you have any related questions.

The Portfolio Coordinator welcomes students seeking support with research projects. Please feel free to contact