3D Printed Canal House in Amsterdam

Filippos ZofakisNews

New technologies bring novel possibilities for sustainable change. In the future, our houses could be made completely of recyclable material. Does using a 3D Printer to build a house from eco-friendly and reusable material sound like a crazy idea? Well, it is already underway.

In Amsterdam, a project has been started to build a canal house completely made of sustainable material, utilizing a special print-material mix and 3D printing technology. Basically, all parts of the house are printed using a proprietary renewable material that is 80% bio-based. To connect all the printed parts together, a special lightweight foaming eco-concrete, developed by partner company Henkel, is poured in and supports the entire structure. Besides the possibilities of using bio-based or recycled plastics, other kinds of natural materials are also being tested, which even include bamboo.

The project aims to revolutionize the housebuilding industry and offer new tailor-made housing solutions worldwide. At the same time practically zero waste would be produced, because everything is recyclable. The building site itself is designed as a growing exhibition.

Here is a video describing this whole project:


For more information, visit the website!