Journal Aim & Scope

Mission Statement
The goal of the Science for Sustainability Journal is to provide a platform through which students may contribute to scientific literature, and to further provide an opportunity for students to take part of the academic editorial process. Furthermore, the goal of providing such a platform is to encourage students to undertake rigorous scientific research into issues of sustainability of a professional academic standard on an interdisciplinary level.

This mission statement is realised by the establishment of an open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal centring on issues relating to sustainability and the environment. Submissions are to be drawn from a variety of fields so to ensure that complex issues of sustainability are meaningfully discussed from an interdisciplinary perspective. We take advantage of several key resources offered by the Vrije Universiteit: bright, forward-thinking students and world-class academic staff. Engagement with both of these stakeholders in governance structures is key in the construction of an integrated and inclusive open-access scientific publication. 

The original scope of work to be published in the journal is limited to student theses and other high-grade scientific literature produced by students through their education on the topic of sustainability, defined broadly. As such, submissions are taken from a variety of disciplines, highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of the journal, so long as there is a nexus to discussing or resolving issues relating to sustainability and the environment. In future editions, there is a possibility to broaden the submission scope to external students and authors to cement the journal’s place as a forum for robust scientific discussion on sustainability.

Articles are accepted in the following  formats:

  • Research Articles, which present the results of scientific research and typically follow the usual format of a scientific research article;
  • Reviews, which present the conceptual advances, syntheses, and integration of a field or topic.

Further information about the format and technical requirements of articles can be found on the Instruction for Authors page.