Amstelveen Friday Market

Matthew FordyceFood, On the Road

20151023_124839-1AMSTELVEEN – Upon a Friday morning excursion to Amstelveen Centre, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across the Amstelveen Market. This urban metropolis had undergone a splendid transformation from that of dull retail outlets to a bustling of locals procuring their homemade/grown goods. My senses were then to be treated to the excitement that a street market brings with it. The smell of freshly baked breads and vlaamse frites, bold assortments of colorful berries, fruits and vegetables galore, the gooey sweetness of medjool dates and the chatter of vendors precariously offering their goods.

I commenced to stroll endless lanes, letting myself be distracted by the magic that surrounded me before spotting my absolute favorite treat, frambozen (raspberries), for a meer euro per punnet (the perfect accompaniment to a double espresso). My next conquest, a small parcel loaded with freshly roasted and salted macadamia nuts. And just when I thought it couldn’t get better, lactosevrij stroopwafels. A treat that I treasure dearly, but unable to source by conventional means.

20150822_124027-1None of the plastic, shrink wrapped heads of broccoli I’d become so accustomed to. None of the glaring fluorescent overhead lights. None of the staff calls-to-action over a crackling speaker system. Just the organic, organised chaos of hardworking people offering their wares. It made me think again about the supermarket chains I’d been supporting recently and how this activity takes away from these small, honest businesses. A thought I’d already paid tribute to but laid to rest in the hustle and bustle of a fast paced life. I remember you now, Sir Street Market. See you next friday…