An Eye on the Big Apple

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afbeelding ankieblog2For the first time in my life I’ve landed on non-European soil. I must say that the first days in New York City felt strangely familiar. I have seen all of the iconic landmarks over and over again on tv, in magazines and even in the Woody Allen films I brought to watch on the plane. Now that I’m finally here for real it kind of feels like I have been here before.

Before making the world a better place at the Merit360 program, I was able to spend some time getting to know the city and what it’s all about. When you are into city- and building design like I am, you find something beautiful and interesting to see everywhere you look. New York is a modern architecture heaven! Perhaps the best known image of New York City are the iconic structures that form the urban landscape: the Chrysler Building, the Rockefeller Center and the WTC together form the recognizable skyline of Manhattan. The city’s eyecatchers stand out regardless of your point of view; whether you are on the newly designed hills of Governor’s Island, in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge or if you are walking alongside the East River in Williamsburg.

What I like about the city most so far are the sustainable urban planning initiatives. When you go to the High Line, you are actually walking on top of an old metro line that has been transformed into a park. From there you can look down on the burroughs, almost as if you were standing on the city’s balcony.

Coming in a close second for best thing in New York so far was definitely the food! New York turns out to be a perfect city to be a vegans or vegetarian, offering plenty of café’s and restaurants to choose from. I already drank some sustainable coffee at the Peace Cafe on Amsterdam Avenue and ate vegetarian tacos at Café de la Esquina in Williamsburg. An added bonus were the dj’s that played relaxing hiphop while I had a margarita amongst the locals.

My experiences so far have been overwhelmingly positive, and I wish I had more time to do some urban exploring. But alas, duty calls! So the next time I’ll be blogging about the Merit360 program itself. I hope you will follow my experiences and progress while my fellow students and I tackle the UN Sustainable Development Goals!