Backstage at the Foodhub Project

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blogfoodhub1A healthy and tasty diet is desired by everyone nowadays, so what would be better than cooking fresh products that are produced some 20 minutes away from Amsterdam and are grown in an organic way?

Since the beginning of October together with Ons Eten the Green Office at Vrije Universiteit has launched a pilot Foodhub program. Its goal is to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to students and support small farms around the province of Noord Holland.

Last week we had a chance to visit one of the organic farms from which we get some of the veggies and see how they were produced. When we arrived at the farm, we were met by its hospitable owner, who was happy to show us the place where he lives and works with his family. While showing around his vast fields with crops and fruits, he told us that he started farming during the 70-s, switching from the office work, in which he was not interested. He also shared that change of work and setting up an adventure with organic farming helped him to reconnect with nature.

Farming has never been easy, beside him and his wife, there are six more people who help with the amount of work. The farm produces a large variety of vegetables and fruits; we saw apple and pear trees bowing under the weight of splendid harvest, fields with corn, cabbage, carrots, artichokes, berries and all kinds of greens. The richness of nature struck with its beauty. The farmer never used any chemicals or pesticides; his way of growing vegetables includes the method of crop rotation, which is based on planting a series of dissimilar types of crops in the same area in sequenced seasons. This practice helps to maintain soil organic matter, manage and conserve nutrients, and protect against erosion.

Apart from managing the farm, its owner delivers his products to farm markets in Amsterdam (Noordermarkt) and The Hague. These days the competition is huge. According to the farmer is getting quite difficult to sell organic products because of a growing number of competitors.

The project Foodhub with locally produced fruits and vegetables will be finished in December, do not miss your chance to get a box. The next delivery will be on the 17th of November. Order yours before November 14th 16:00.