Team Campus
Team Campus is the volunteer team that assists the Campus coordinators of the Green Office VU in their work. The aim of the Campus team is to create a more sustainable campus by working on several projects that all strive to accomplish this. These projects include small projects, but also many are long-term projects. For more information on the running projects read our Instruction Manual.

Team Community
Team Community has been a team of the Green Office since November 2015. The team is focused on not only in giving back to the environment but also will be responsible to work for the community of the Green Office by addressing them through different events and projects. The projects listed in the Instruction Manual are what the team is working on now, but there is still room for community related projects within this team to be implemented!

Team Education
Would you like to be involved in planning engaging educational activities in a fun, relaxed setting? Then Team Education is for you! Team  Education is responsible for the content and organization of monthly Lunch Lectures and biannual Evening lectures. These lectures serve to supplement the formal education that is on offer at the Vrije Universiteit, and Team Education gets to decide on each exciting topic!  As a team member, you would play a hands-on role in deciding on themes, speakers, and the smooth running of each event from conception to completion. You will be the creative force behind the lectures, responsible for the practical set up of the lectures leading up to and during the events self.

Team Events
Team Events tries to organize one event a month in which sustainability is prominent, but in which having a good time is as well. Everything from movie nights to pub quizzes are events this team has organized in the past but each and every time we try to find an original and fun way to get people involved with sustainability. The goal of the team is to give students a low key way of getting comfortable with sustainability whilst doing things they have fun doing. Team Events is supported by the Offline Community coordinator.

Team Media
Being a part of Team Media means that you will be working on the online marketing of the Green Office. This means that you will be responsible for the way the Green Office is seen by others. The main goal of Team Media is to expand the network of the GO and to increase sustainable awareness. You will work together closely with the Online Community coordinator but still have freedom in the tasks you fulfill. Team Media has many different functions that you can read more about in the Instruction Manual!

Team Research
The Research Portfolio Coordinator seeks pro-active and inquisitive individuals to join the first ever running of Team Research. This Team will be well suited to those who aspire to develop a sophisticated understanding of the complex relationship between people and sustainability.  Team Research will be instrumental in the creation of evidence based foundations, that will not only support GO Team projects but drive positive change within the VU. For more information on the projects Team Research will be conducting, please check out the Instruction Manual.

Team Communication
Team Communication is a new and exciting team that will aim to create more awareness about our projects and the Green Office in general. To make this happen, this team will actively think about the offline marketing of the Green Office and promote projects by creating campaigns (e.g. bring your own mug, food waste, PET-water free). In this way we want to increase our reach. The central challenge of this team will be to defeat the ‘green bubble’ that surround us. This is an amazing opportunity for marketing and business students to take part in real life campaigns projects that aim for behavioural change.