Every coordinator (except the Manager) is responsible for orienting and directing a team. You as a chairman will have the opportunity  to lead a team and report regularly to your coordinator.
Among your responsibilities you are expected to:

  • Have more communication with your coordinator than other team members;
  • Make the agendas and lead the meetings with your team;
  • Make sure deadlines for tasks are reached.
  • Ensure that your team members are content by creating a pleasant atmosphere in the group
If you do not have any experience but you have the will, come to us. The Green Office is a learning environment. If you feel up to the task of leading a team, then we’re looking for you!

Would you like to apply or do you have any questions? Send an e-mail to djian@greenofficevu.nl! If you would like to apply, please also send us your resume and motivation. See you at the GO!