Between Plan and Impact

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worldmeritblog3With half of the Merit360 programme behind us we are gradually moving closer to the presentation of our action plan of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The first component of this plan is focused on creating awareness for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and engaging new people in our mission. But how do we go about creating a campaign with an actual impact? How can we ensure that will have real global reach?

To help us answer these questions, several speakers were flown in to teach us some tips and tricks on running a successful campaign. Amongst them were the founders of Dutch-based Wanderbrief, which offers backpackers with creative skills a chance to enrich organisations abroad by working on different projects. They shared some lessons which were crucial in Wanderbrief’s strategy, namely simplicity; giving less of a f*ck; networking like a backpacker; thinking less and doing more, and most important of all: never stop believing that everyone is capable of actually changing the world.

One important question still remained however: how can we bridge the gap between a good plan in theory and actually being accountable on its impact? That’s where Alisha Golden, CEO of Do Something Epic Agency and Imran Khan, Service Director in Nielsen’s Marketing Practice stepped in. They stressed the need for measurable components which can be presented in order for our plans to gain enough traction, with much needed partners and sponsors. We also received some help from Keith Weisberg, a US Solutions Consultant at Google who shared his experiences in the journey from mere opportunities to actual results.

With this knowledge in mind, my SDG group set out to create a campaign about the importance of internet access in developing countries. So let’s all take a moment to dwell upon our luxury of continuous availability of information through the internet, and use this privilege to read my next blog about the details of our awareness campaign!