Green Office 5th Anniversary


This year we will celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Green Office together with VUvereniging’s De Vrije Wereld. We will reflect on the achievements of the Green Office during these 5 years and look forward to … Read More

Anna’s Garden at the Green Science Park


Anna’s garden started as an initiative from team Green Science Park to create an ecological garden in the area between the main entrance of the FNWI and the circuit around the Science Park. Over time, … Read More

The New VU Foodbox


The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed the recent changes over at Farmed Today. Following its launch 12 months ago, founder Demba Lehrer has been consistently tweaking the Farmed Today products in order to ensure … Read More

Recipe: Beets by Foodbox

AngeloFoodhub Recipes

After a couple of weeks of enjoying the VU FoodBox, I somehow always ended up the one vegetable that I couldn’t figure out what to do with… beets! I had never cooked with or used … Read More

Art Competition: Think Before You Drink!


We are looking for talented artists to design a poster to promote tap water use over plastic bottles. If you are looking for a platform where to show your talent, the Green Office would like … Read More

New Year, New FoodHub!


With the new year comes some exciting changes here at the VU Green Office and, call me biased, but my personal favourite is the creation of the new FoodHub Team. You may remember that early … Read More

Let’s talk toilets!

Green Office TeamGeen categorie

Let’s talk crap, seriously. Yes, crap, poo, business, faeces, you name it, we all do it. But where does it go, and what happens when it gets there? Sanitation, according to the World Health Organisation … Read More