Bringing the VU to the UN: envisioning the future of sustainable cities

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What is New York, New York exactly? A green urban space or a concrete jungle? A sustainable city or a wasteful community? Is it all of these things rolled into one, or is it simply a matter of perspective?

In this multi-interpretable setting, 360 young activists from all over the world join together to attend the Merit360 program, where they will have two weeks to create an action plan for one of the 17 sustainable development goals as defined by the United Nations. I am honored  to represent both the VU and the Green Office in this program.

I am committed to tackle one of the 17 goals, which happens to be my personal favorite: Sustainable Cities and Communities. I will bring everything I learned at the VU and the Green Office to the table and show that creating durable solutions for a complex city like New York is not just the dream of a few idealistic students: it’s both necessary and reachable.

In order to get you excited about creating a sustainable future for us all, I will share my experiences in New York, the UN headquarters and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development during the next few weeks! You can follow my journey on the Green Office website or my personal Facebook page. I hope to entertain and inspire you!

Ankie Petersen
Internal campus coordinator Green Office VU and United Nations Merit 360 Action Plan Executor