The overall goal of the Green Office Campus portfolio is to implement the sustainable development goals working with internal and external stakeholders on the VU campus. We achieve this through projects wherein we give volunteers a chance to develop their own project to create a sustainable impact in their own university. This opportunity provides a great way to develop competences for a career in sustainability, or help you develop the tools you need to develop and manage your own projects.

The Green Office provides resources for every project. We expect there to be at least a chair(wo)man involved that spends 2-4 hours a week managing the project. Other roles will be figured out as the projects go along, which will have a variable time-investment. The only way to really start changing the world is when we start doing stuff, so please join if you’re enthusiastic about creating green change at your own university doorstep.

GO Cups help tackle the disposable cup problem at the VU and the eternal struggle to rid the VU of single-use coffee cups. Some progress has been made, including a discount for reusable cups, a video promoting reusable cup use, and lobbying that has got stakeholders on the VU to start selling their own reusable cups. Parties involved: GO, VU, Maas, Eurest, Doppio, Spar, FCO Logistics & Waste, USR. Drop by the Green Office to buy your reusable and sustainably sourced bamboo cup.

We are currently designing an intervention where the goal is to create a measurable reduction in the amount of disposable cups used by promoting reusable cup use. The end goal is a university without disposable cups; however, we can only get there once we get enough students and staff to begin using these cups now!

Marketing, impact management/measurement, and event organization are all activities that we expect you to engage in. However, think as creatively as you want! As long as you create an activity that has the effect of spreading awareness on the unsustainability of disposable cups, or the promotion of the use of reusable cups, we can fit it into the intervention period between the measurements. This will most likely be in either March or April, so join fast if you want to make an impact!

Do you want to help us to accomplish these projects or do you have another idea? Let us know!