Almost all the facilities the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has to offer are located on its campus. As a Green Office we aim to create a sustainable campus in the best possible way. We want the buildings and the operations at the VU campus to meet various sustainability requirements. This has to be achieved in areas such as energy, (food) waste, recycling and water.

The Campus portfolio is divided into two specializations: Internal Campus and an External Campus. The Internal Campus coordinator takes upon projects that directly affect the operations of the VU’s stewardship. The External Campus coordinator manages the contact with the third-party entrepreneurs present at the campus such as Sodexo, the Basket, Spar and Doppio.

Within the Campus portfolio we have various projects ligned up in order to achieve a sustainable campus. These projects include:

Join the Pipe is a great initiative that provides water taps to get installed on several places. At these water taps students can refill their water bottles with fresh drinking water instead of having to buy new (plastic) ones every single time. By doing so we encourage the reduction of plastic waste. By refilling your bottle you reduce the amount of plastic waste produced and you save money whilst also sponsoring a clean drinking water project in a developing country.Currently, the VU Vampus has three Join the Pipe water taps which are located at the Green Roof, in the main hall of the central building, in the main hall of the W&N building and at the campus of the VU Sportcenter. Have you spotted one? Let us know by taking a pic and tagging #GOreducePlastic

Do you want to help us to accomplish these projects or do you have another idea? Let us know!