Leading Countries in Eco-Friendly Practices

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Written by: Chloe Walker Eco-Friendly Practices Across The Globe All around the world, both developed and developing countries are being called on to respond to the increasing challenges of climate change and pollution. Some countries, … Read More

Australia Burns

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Written by: Ben Lever I’ve finished my exchange semester at the VU at the end of December, and returned to my home country of Australia for Christmas. The scenes I’ve returned to have been absolutely … Read More

Planes vs Trains

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Written by: Ben Lever November 26, 2019 Flying is one of the most emissions-intensive activities the average person does. A short domestic flight generates about 1.5 times as many emissions per passenger-kilometre than driving a … Read More

Let’s talk toilets!

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Let’s talk crap, seriously. Yes, crap, poo, business, faeces, you name it, we all do it. But where does it go, and what happens when it gets there? Sanitation, according to the World Health Organisation … Read More

Solutions to Food Waste

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It is said that around 88 million tons of food are wasted annually in the EU. Wasting food is not only an economical issue, but it also depletes the natural resources and has a strong … Read More

Organic food can be closer

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Spring is a good time to start your own garden on the balcony or in a backyard. There are many benefits of growing greens and vegetables at home. It will lower the cost of buying … Read More