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New Partnerships on the Horizon… With the academic year drawing closer, the Green Office is proud to announce its most recent partnership- Partnership for Academic Impact Research (or PAIR). This new partnership with Net Impact … Read More

Anna’s Garden at the Green Science Park

Green Office Team 2019News

Anna’s garden started as an initiative from team Green Science Park to create an ecological garden in the area between the main entrance of the FNWI and the circuit around the Science Park. Over time, … Read More

Art Competition: Think Before You Drink!

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We are looking for talented artists to design a poster to promote tap water use over plastic bottles. If you are looking for a platform where to show your talent, the Green Office would like … Read More

Let’s talk about trash

Hannah RinneCommunity, News

It is well known that there is an ever growing pile of trash on this planet, and that waste management is becoming a serious problem in today’s society. Each day we fill 63,000 garbage trucks … Read More

The Free Plastic Bag Ban

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Since the beginning of 2016 it is official: free plastic bags are banned in the Netherlands. Finally! It is an important step to reduce the waste of plastics in the EU and to minimize environmental pollution in … Read More

3D Printed Canal House in Amsterdam

Filippos ZofakisNews

New technologies bring novel possibilities for sustainable change. In the future, our houses could be made completely of recyclable material. Does using a 3D Printer to build a house from eco-friendly and reusable material sound like … Read More