Challenge 04: 15. Feb

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Are you a cleaning freak? Then you are gonna love this challenge!

Try to find out, how you can clean your room, apartment or house without chemical products.

You are going to help the environment, plus your mom is gonna love you.

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Your dishes are piled high, your room is a mess and the mirror in your bathroom is covered in toothpaste. Begrudgingly, you know the time to clean has come! But before you reach for the conventional cleaning products there’s a lot you should know about the dangers that lurk within them. The harsh fumes that make your eyes water, the smells that make your throat sore, and the chemicals that make your skin tingle is due to the fact that the products that are supposed to clean your home are soiling it with toxins.

It’s super simple (and economical) to make your own cleaning products from common household items like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. Check out the TG Clean Pinterest board to find some great DIY recipes, that work!