Challenge 05: 18. Feb

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Let´s include some other self help ifitness workoutnto this challenge.

This time we encourage you to do a one fitness activity per day.

Also, let’s not forget that nutrition is important, so show off and make a healthy post workout meal!

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You already know that the first step towards a healthy planet is a healthy mind and body. You learned about the importance of taking care of your mind in the Wellness challenge, but what about your body? And no, we’re not talking body shape here! Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own ways, and you definitely can’t tie fitness back to one body type or another, but it’s important to recognize the benefits of getting out and active every day!

Let’s face it: working out is hard. When you have the option between comfort or sweat, it can seem almost impossible to choose the latter. But did you know that studies have shown that people who exercise regularly are happier and more at peace? Why? Because exercise releases endorphins in your brain; chemicals that reduce stress and elevate happiness. The physical activity doesn’t need to be vigorous. Just getting your heart pumping, muscles flexing, and blood moving is enough!

Bike. Rock climb. Hike. Dance. Kayak. Walk. Swim. Listen to your body and figure out activities that work best for you. Being active is a time when you can connect with yourself, build strength, and improve health. Not to mention it gets you outside, which allows you to step back from your busy life and connects you with your surroundings. Need some inspiration to get started?

Now that we’ve covered the importance of physical exercise, it’s time to dive more deeply into the whole of fitness. The food you eat to fuel your body, the clothes you wear to work out, and the gear you use all impact you and the planet.

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So let’s get moving.

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