Challenge 06: 21. Feb

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It is often said that if everyone picked a piece of garbage from the street once a day, there would be no more garbage to pick really soon!

So let´s try together and pick up some pieces of garbage on the street. #gogreenchallenge2017

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Today we want to tell you a story about one project in The Netherlands. Klean Foundation don’t look to the government, they do not point to agencies or industry. Klean Foundation inspires ordinary people to take their own responsibility. Many people believe they can not do anything about the major world problems, but if those people think they can, then many of these problems suddenly prove to be solutions. Klean Foundation currently focuses on taking a purveyor of Plastic Soup: litter. It is important to do something about the litter problem. Every day we get at least a few pieces of litter on. If you pick one piece per day than you are doing good enough. Klean Foundation motivates as many people as possible to clean up one piece of littler (preferably plastic) once a day. As anyone who has something on to others and future generations to clean up one piece of litter every day, then there is no litter in The Netherlands anymore. This is true even worldwide.

Plastic Madonna is an image of a mother breastfeeding her child. It is 3D printed by street found recycled plastic and will be approximately 12 meters. The past year Klean Foundation have been working hard to motivate to entice people to donate one stood litter-bottle in one of the many collection bins throughout the Netherlands. This is already the largest participatory artwork in the Netherlands. Beginning in 2016 they had 100,000 bottles collected. These amount of bottles is equal to the amount of plastic that comes only to the Netherlands on the streets for every hour. But even more terrifying is that it is equal to the amount of plastic that is flowing every ten seconds from land via rivers into the sea. They want to reveal the real Plastic Madonna on Scheveningen beach, The Hague at June 8, 2017.