Drone Mapping and Sustainability

Alina FilippovaGeen categorie

Nowadays technology is in all aspects of our lives from robots performing surgery, to social media, to high speed trains. Thankfully, sustainability wasn’t left behind.

Deforestation, both legal and illegal is a major ecosystem problem with extensive environmental consequences affecting large areas in Latin America, and Southeast Asia. According to National Geographic, “the world’s rain forests could completely vanish in a hundred years at the current rate of deforestation.” Some sustainable organizations believe that with the use of smart technologies, forests around the world have a greater chance of being protected.

The company OpenForests is an expert network that supports diverse forestry projects. It uses satellites and drones for mapping forests on all continents and follows the changes in the forest landscape. Such maps can be used for analysis, planning, forest conservation and providing useful information about areas that need to be reforested.

For instance, one project led by OpenForests took place in the Faiva Brada reserve in North Portugal. Researchers produced maps, elevation models and 3D model of the terrain, which will serve in the management of activities, such as land acquisitions for extension and consolidation of the natural reserve area.

Another project was set at the pacific bay of Bahia Solano in Colombia. There, drone mapping allowed for documenting the unique rainforest in its unspoiled state and provided significant help in promotion of the preservation project of that area.

“The world needs better forest projects,” says the slogan of the company, and to prevent deforestation, world needs such dedicated companies as OpenForests.

More information about OpenForests and their projects you can find on the website https://openforests.com/