Dutch Solarstart-up Eternal Sun conquers the world!

Frederiek van LieshoutEnergy

rh22441-2AMSTERDAM – The Dutch solarcompany Eternal Sun took over its American competitor Spire Solar, which tests over a quarter of all solar panels in the world. Spire Solar makes a sun simulator with which the yield of solar panels can be calculated. Founded in 2011, Eternal Sun operates in the same domain as Spire Solar, but finds its customers mainly at major scientific institutions such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Netherlands Energy Research Centre and the technical conglomerate Avic from China.th_26f55550c0154bee06593b00a971aac8_1390207809140107ESSolarTrackerRH

With the acquisition, which is announced on Tuesday 26th of January, Eternal Sun not only ‘buys’ presence in the US market, the company also gains access to a new customer group. Additionally, progress is made in the area of R&D and in the certification process in America. According to Chokri Mousaoui, CEO and co-founder of Eternal Sun, they have become one of the largest players globally in the solar market. We hope that Eternal Sun will become successful in spreading knowledge and awareness on solar energy and it will encourage companies and private costumers to invest in solar energy to make the world a greener place.

The information is retrieved from http://fd.nl/ondernemen/1136654/haagse-solarstart-up-haalt-concurrent-van-de-nasdaq