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Name: Ivar Maas
Age: 23
Study: BSc Psychology
Coordinator since: July 2015
Previous experience: Vice-President and external relations of the VSPVU board 2014-2015, President of the SPS-NIP platform VU board 2015-2016 and Initiator of De Bildung Academie.

Why GO.VU?
For the past few years I have been active at my faculty and study association, but I wanted to look further. By joining the Green Office VU I was given the opportunity to work with great people and a fantastic sense of purpose. Making the university more sustainable is a noble cause that I like to join and help propel.

My experiences
I started at the Green Office VU as the Offline Community Coordinator. Since we have vacancies every 6 months for some of the portfolios, I had the opportunity to switch to another position. Therefore, from January onwards, I became the Education Coordinator. The past few months I’ve worked on several interesting projects. We started negotiations about setting up an interdisciplinary university broad minor on sustainability. Together with students, teachers and new educational initiatives I also started working on the development of an Honours program. Other than that, I also coordinate Team Education, a team that supports me in developing educational programs about sustainability, which can be used for educating Green Office VU members, students, VU-employees and high school students.

Are you the next Ivar?
As an Education Coordinator you are responsible for making the education of the VU Amsterdam more sustainable. You need to talk to a lot of different people within the university and search for (new) ways of how to incorporate sustainability in education. Since Education and Research go hand in hand it is also important to cooperate with the Research Coordinator of the Green Office VU.

Some of my tasks:

  • Developing a variety of educational courses about sustainability;
  • Cooperate with students to incorporate sustainability within their curriculum;
  • Coordination of Team Education;
  • Negotiate with the developers of the educational system at the VU;
  • Cooperate with different educational initiatives to increase the reach of the Green Office VU.

As an Education Coordinator you are/have:

  • Strong affiliation with sustainability and education;
  • Ideas about (new) educational methods;
  • Aware of chances within educational systems and methods;
  • Strategic;
  • Structured (managing all the different projects is sometimes hard. Therefore it is necessary to have a clear schedule and structure all the different tasks);
  • Creative thinking;
  • Social (to reach all goals of this portfolio you have to arrange a lot of meetings and work together with a lot of different parties.);
  • Open and cooperative attitude (it is important to talk with students and listen to what and how they want to learn about sustainability).

The Education Coordinator focusses on one of the core aspects of the university: Education. Creating room for sustainability within the educational system of the VU Amsterdam is therefore very important. Are you up for this challenge?

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