The VU FoodBox has arrived!

Click here to order your Foodbox now!

What is it?

A box of locally produced fruits and vegetables available to collect directly from the VU Green Office. The fruits and vegetables are sorted and boxed the same day as it is delivered. Order before 21:00 on Sunday and simply pick up it up every Tuesday between 5-6pm. The GO Foodbox is available for students, staff and everyone else that is interested in fresh fruits and vegetables.

How does it work?

Simply place an order online with Farmed Today before 21:00 on Sunday, and come along to collect your FoodBox the following Tuesday. Remember to bring a copy of your ID so we can be sure to get the right box to you!

Why should I order?

By ordering a VU Foodbox you not only get organic and locally produced fruits and vegetables, you also:

  • Pay less then you would in an organic supermarket
  • Contribute to fair margins for farmers
  • Support nearby small-scale farms, decreasing environmental impact of transportation
  • Help reduce food waste by receiving fresh wonky produce
  • Receive everything plastic free
  • Get unique vegetables not to be found in your regular supermarket
  • Have the opportunity to try new recipes

What are my options?

You can choose between a small and a regular VU FoodBox, depending on your budget and how much food you need. All the produce contained in the boxes is seasonal, local and organic. The content of the box is different every week but you can check this months produce at the bottom of this page.

How is it organized?

The Green Office collaborates with Farmed Today, who deliver food boxes to the Green Office every Tuesday. Farmed Today support local producers by selling their produce on their online marketplace, as well curating their own food boxes from local suppliers. Within the marketplace local producers (sellers) set their own pricing and can add their personal story and passion to the products and profile. The Foodhub gives students staff and everyone else direct access to these local and organic foods.

Where to find us?

The Green Office is located at the basement of the VU, room KC-18, next to the restaurant.

Unable to pick up the box?

If you’re unable to pick it up the box yourself, simpy ask a friend to do so. Make sure they have proof of you asking them (a text or email to them from you will do) with the order invoice number so we can make sure they get the right box. Unfortunately we cannot hold onto your box if it is not picked up. If the box is not picked-up before Friday, the food will be redistributed.