Eat local with us!

Every Thursday students and staff can pick up farm fresh fruit and vegetables at the VU Green Office. Come and get seasonal, fresh and locally produced fruits and veggies that are delivered straight to the VU every week! You can order all the time, boxes will be delivered weekly on thursday. Every order that’s been placed for tuesday 5 PM can be picked up the same week thursday!

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How is it organized?
The Green Office collaborates with the cooperative ONS ETEN, which delivers foodboxes to the Green Office every Thursday. ONS ETEN works with a network of 30, mostly organic, farmers in the province of Noord-Holland. Throughout the city of Amsterdam, ONS ETEN organises a network of foodhubs close to home, study or work places. The FOODHUB gives students and staff direct access to local, seasonal and fresh food straight from farms in the region. With joined efforts we intend to establish a sustainable food system that nourishes both our people and our planet.

What is inside the box each week?
In your box you can find high-quality vegetables and fruits sourced straight from regional farms. Every week the farmers select the food they put into the boxes according to seasonal availability and tasteful composition. In addition, we provide you with inspirational and easy-to-follow recipes.

You can chose between three different sizes:
Small / 4 meals
Medium / 6 meals
Large / 9 meals

Where to find us?

The Green Office is located at the basement of the VU, room KC-18, next to the restaurant.

Bring your own bag!
Make sure to bring a bag when picking up the vegetables, since we reuse the boxes for the next foodhub.

Unable to pick up the box?
If you’re unable to pick it up yourself do ask a friend and let the hub manager know by email. If your box is not picked up, within this timeframe, we pass it on to charities.

Why should you join the FOODHUB now?