Green Ambassadors are people who play(ed) an important role in bringing the Green Office VU forward. They support the Green Office’s prosperity, for which we want to gratify them with an official nomination and title of Green Ambassador.

In 2015, the Green Office VU appointed the first two Green Ambassadors:

Bernadette Langius
Mrs. Langius is the former member of the executive board of the VU. She is one of the initiators of the Green Office VU. Inspired by the Green Office model developed in Maastricht, she actively lobbied for a Green Office at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The lobbying bore fruit as the Green Office VU was established in 2014.

Abdeluheb Choho
Mr. Choho alderman of sustainability at the municipality of Amsterdam. He tries to enhance sustainability efforts in the city of Amsterdam, and he officially opened the Green Office together with Mrs. Langius on the 9th of October in 2015, which was the Dutch national day of sustainability in that year.

In 2016 the Green Office VU appointed two more Green Ambassadors:

Pieter van Beukering
Mr. van Beukering has helped us develop the honours course “Designing Innovations for Sustainability” in which he will function as a lecturer and course coordinator. He was also one of the speakers during the European Green Office Summit 2016 and has supported us in establishing and designing a sustainable minor.

Philip Pattberg

Mr. Pattberg has functioned as the budgetholder and the institutional adviser of the Green Office. He was one of the speakers during the European Green Office Summit 2016 and has also hosted one of our Evening Lectures.