Green Office 5th Anniversary

Green Office Team 2019Events

This year we will celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Green Office together with VUvereniging’s De Vrije Wereld.

We will reflect on the achievements of the Green Office during these 5 years and look forward to the years to come.

As always October 10th is also the Day of Sustainability, therefore this edition of ‘De Vrije Wereld’ will be all about sustainability. This event will be from 16.00 – 17.15 and will be fully in Dutch.

After ‘De Vrije Wereld’ we will start with the celebrations of the Green Office (in English) with a recap of our achievements the past 5 years. We will finish with Green Karaoke and party.

If you want to join us for ‘De Vrije Wereld’ you will have to make a reservation at: as there are limited seats available. For the anniversary of the Green Office you will need to sign up, a link will be available shortly. Both events are freely accessible.