How to Keep Your Sweater Warm: the Woolfiller

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WoolfillerAMSTERDAM – This Friday, the 5th of February , is perhaps the coziest day of the year: Warm Sweater Day! Perhaps, you have already signed up for our Warm Sweater Week events, but don’t forget to join our event this Friday since it will be extra fun: we are organizing a knitting workshop and a sweater swap shop! Instead of turning up your thermostat, we suggest some other ways to keep you warm and help you save money this winter. You can read all about it in this blog!

Our heaters have a great share in the greenhouse gas emissions on our planet. There are however many different and surprisingly simple ways to reduce these emissions yourself. One of these ways is to put on your warmest sweater and turn down your heating by a couple degrees. But before you run to the clothing store to get one, here are some sustainable, fun and more rewarding alternatives. Since the clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, I for myself try to buy as little new clothing as possible, and shop at secondhand stores. The manufacturing of one t-shirt solely costs about 2.700 liters of water (!!!). So instead of buying your clothes at the clothing store, I suggest you visit one of the many 2nd hand stores Amsterdam has to offer, or come visit our clothing swap shop and trade your sweater for someone else’s!

Another alternative is to make and maintain your current wardrobe all by yourself. This way you can customize or give your wardrobe a make-over without ever seeing the inside of a fitting room. The Greenchoice Warm Sweater Day website gives you some free instruction video’s and knitting patterns to get you started. If you are already in the possession of the perfect warm sweater, here’s the perfect tip from fashion designer Janne Kromhout (Min Design) to maintain it and make sure it lasts another few years: the wool filler.

Fun fact: this tip requires almost no sowing or knitting skills. The wool filler is a solution to repair the holes in your woolen sweater. The only requirements are a foam needle, a piece of wool and a piece of foam felt. You can look for a piece of foam in the same color as your sweater, but you’ll always see a subtle difference in the fabric. The best way to fill up the holes in your sweater is to look for a completely different color of foam you find that fits best with the color of your sweater. This is how it works:

  1. Find the hole in your sweater and turn your clothing inside-out.
  2. Lay the foam underneath the hole in your garment.
  3. Pick a piece of wool of your own choice and place it on top of the hole.
  4. Pin-prick the wool in the foam with the needle.
  5. Stay on pricking! By pricking you are felting the wool, and if you prick long enough you’ll see a new piece of fabric emerging on the place where the hole was located. You’re done!

If you need some visuals with this procedure, check out Janne’s article (in Dutch) or the clip on the Woolfiller website. To acquire some knitting skills and make your own warm sweater, come by our knitting workshop next Friday by Breicafé Amsterdam! If you want to learn more about maintaining your wardrobe in general, check out the Fashion Evenings, a 14-week long course where you can learn the basics or improve your current skills. The next course starts February 22!