Below you can find courses that are offered as part of the various minors at the Vrije Universiteit. The courses that have been included either have a focus on sustainability, climate change or the environment or integrate these topics into the course content in some way. The period in which the course is offered is listed in brackets. By clicking on the link you can read the course description from the 2016/2017 Study Guide.

Minor courses are typically offered to Bachelor students in periods 1, 2 and 3. Please consult your programme’s website/talk to a study advisor to see if you are eligible to take any of these courses.

Please also take note of the language in which the course is taught. We have listed all faculties and programmes in English, but course names are not translated. The language of the course name is, therefore, a good indicator of the language in which it is taught.

We aim – of course – to have the most correct, comprehensive, up-to-date inventory as possible! If you are aware of a course that meets the criteria and has been left out of this inventory, please contact the Education Coordinator as soon as possible at