Editor & Editorial Board

The Editor
The role of the editor of the Science for Sustainability Journal is the research coordinator for the Green Office VU. This position rotates yearly, in accordance with the organizational structure of the Green Office VU. They are hired on the basis of a one year contract, which is not renewable, and will undertake the role of editor alongside their other duties and projects within the research portfolio. More information about the research portfolio can be found here, with further information about the present research coordinator is located here. A full description of the roles and responsibilities of the Editor and the Editorial Board can be found on the Editorial and Peer Review Policy tab.

Present editor: Sarah Elkan

Bsc Psychology (second year).

Affiliations: Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

The Editorial Board
The Editorial Board are drawn from a select group of Team Research - a volunteer committee of the Green Office VU under the supervisor of the Research Coordinator. Similarly to the position of the Research Coordinator, Team Research are recruited annually each September, and serve on in the committee for  a period of one year. Other than their tasks on the editorial board, Team Research also conduct projects within strategic areas of sustainability research at and for the Vrije Universiteit that serve the aims of the Green Office VU.

The current board members are as follows:

Name: Eleanor Treadwell 
Background: Msc Environmental Resource Management
Affiliations: Institute of Environmental Studies Vrije Universiteit

Name: Jolanta Szkodón
Background: Msc Bioinformatics and Systems Biology 
Affiliations: Faculty of Science Vrije Universiteit; Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Computer Science UVA

Name: Cebby Bliss
Background: Msc Global Environmental Governance, Ba Politics and Sociology
Affiliations: Institute of Environmental Studies Vrije Universiteit; Durham University

Name: Evamaria Bruske
Background: Bsc Psychology
Affiliations: Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Science Vrije Universiteit