Let’s talk about trash

Hannah RinneCommunity, News

Zero-Waste-logoIt is well known that there is an ever growing pile of trash on this planet, and that waste management is becoming a serious problem in today’s society. Each day we fill 63,000 garbage trucks with waste, which ends up in landfills, that in turn produce greenhouse gasses and leach unnatural chemicals into the soil that can run off into the ocean, soil and ground water. The trash that doesn’t end up in landfills ends up in the ocean or clutters the sides of the roads. A reaction to this is the zero waste movement, which encourages people to live without creating any trash that would end up in landfills.

The zero waste movement works against our disposable society. It aims to send absolutely nothing to a landfill, ocean or roadside. It all obviously starts by reducing what one needs, consume consciously, reuse as much as possible and send little to be recycled. In other words reducing is what we need and thus reduce what we throw out. For example, by bringing your own bag when shopping means that you don’t need to buy a plastic one which then reduces your plastic waste, and saves you money. At nu.nl, for example, it is stated that at least 80% of the people bring their own bags instead of buying new plastic ones every time they go shopping, since the new legislation got implemented.

By joining the zero waste movement, or at least reducing the waste, your overall footprint will be reduced. This will of course help the environment, but also save money and save you time from recycling and taking out the trash. The zero waste movement believes that living according to this philosophy will improve the quality of life aut

omatically. It takes time and some effort to become ”zero waste”, but already trying will make a big change.

Do you accept the challenge of reducing your waste?