Levi’s effort to save water

Hannah RinneCampaigns, Fashion, News, Reviews

unknownWhat could be a more iconic jeans brand than Levi’s? Since 1853 they have been making quality jeans for everyone, with great success, as almost everyone has their own pair. But do you know how much water it takes to produce a pair of Levi’s jeans?

Well, it takes 3781 litres of water to make one pair of 501’s. This is a lot, especially considering that water supply is one of our planets greatest challenges. Fortunately, Levi’s decided to take action, and has for five years now been using their unique “water<less” process in order to minimise their water footprint. So far it has saved over 1 billion liters of water.

In honour of World Water Day, on March 22, Levi’s went public with their ”water<less” process, and are now challenging all their competitors to embrace this new technique as well. Levi’s argues that if all other denim producers also start using the technique we would be saving up to 50 billion litres of water by 2020.

For more information check out Levi’s website, and of course remember to be conscious of your water consumption as well.