MEATLESS MONDAY – New Vegetarian Restaurant in Amsterdam

Philip LadigesFood, Reviews

IMG_20160310_164324With another Meatless Monday coming up you might be looking for some inspiration to find a good place for some amazing vegetarian dishes. Luckily, on the Cornelis Troostplein in De Pijp in Amsterdam, the new vegetarian and vegan restaurant ‘The Meets’ has recently opened its doors. Although De Pijp never disappoints when it comes to great lunch rooms and bars, The Meets has been able to add something original to the crowded area.

The Meets mixes stylish design and a laid back vibe with a varied offering of (mostly) vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes, which make this a great place to visit. An example of the food they offer for breakfast is the gluten-free Granola Bowl, with yoghurt, quinoa granola and fruit.

For lunch you can choose from a selection of sandwiches, such as the avocado and egg sandwich, or the ‘Mexican Burger’, made of sweet potato and black beans. Then for dinner the Sri Lankan curry or the ‘Farinta’, an Italian pancake made from chickpeas and tomatoes, seem like great options.

We visited the Meets last Thursday afternoon, and luckily, next to a large variety of different types of food, the Meets also offers a nice selection of specialty beers, which can be mixed perfectly with their original vegan snacks. We tried the ‘Beeterballen’ (see picture above), their version of the classic Dutch bitterballen (made from red beets instead of veal meat) and they were delicious!

We are definitely going back! What about you?

The Meets is opened daily from 08:00hrs to 22:00hrs, and is located at Cornelis Troostplein 3, Amsterdam.

You can check out the full menu on their website.