Meatless Monday at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Every Monday, Sodexo will provide us with more vegetarian options and less meat options to show us easy vegetarian substitutes for meat. Meatless Monday is a part of the Better Tomorrow plan of Sodexo. Via this campaign we hope to raise awareness on the disadvantages meat consumptions brings. Check the information below to find out yourself why it’s good to reduce your meat consumption.

Did you know that..

  • the meat industry is responsible for about 1/5th of all the greenhouse gasses?
  • a lot of trees are being cut to grow food for the livestock and that 80% of all the land in the world is being used for livestock?
  • the production of meat costs more water and energy than the production of wheat and vegetables?
  • we need around 25 kg of food and 15.000 liters water for just 1 kg of beef?
  • the world population has doubles in the last 50 years whilst the production of meat has grown 5 times bigger?
  • we can plant 83 million trees and let them grow for ten years if all people in the Netherlands would join us with the Meatless Monday?

By going meatless on Mondays, we join the global movement of Meatless Monday. Next to the benefits mentioned above, the key benefits of joining this movement, as outlined by the international campaign of Meatless Monday (2011), are as follows:

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*1800 – 2500 gallons of water for a pound of beef equalizes 13600 – 19000 liters of water per kilo of beef, depending on the type of meat.

Even though the Dutch healthcare spending on the treatment of chronic preventable diseases is less than the 70 percent the U.S. spends, the benefits are quite accurately outlined. GO VU wants to raise awareness for these benefits, as we feel that eating less meat profits planet and people. Join us in our efforts towards a more sustainable lifestyle!

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