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New Partnerships on the Horizon…

With the academic year drawing closer, the Green Office is proud to announce its most recent partnership- Partnership for Academic Impact Research (or PAIR). This new partnership with Net Impact Amsterdam aims to connect professionals working in the field of sustainability to eager students and researchers.

While for many students, the Bachelor or Master thesis is an exciting opportunity to create impact with one’s academic work; it can sometimes be challenging to find the right research case to work on. This is why the GO founded the Student Consultancy Hub– to help students find the right research question. In addition to this, it gives companies and organizations the chance to make use of the bright minds of the future!

Through PAIR, the GO is gaining access to a wide variety of organizations with sustainable goals. At the same time, Net Impact and it’s member organizations gain access to highly motivated students.

Are you interested in getting involved with PAIR or the Student Consultancy Hub? Get in touch!

Contact: Sarah Elkan (