New Veggie Hotspots – Haarlem Edition

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Luckily, nowadays vegetarians are no longer limited to boring vegetable quiches or simple cheese pasta’s. Amsterdam already has some nice spots were you can get healthy, delicious vegetarian, gluten-free or even vegan meals. Other big cities are following the trend and in this blog you can read about some new places in the beautiful city, my hometown, Haarlem.

foodblog 1vanVeg – Vegetarian Take-Away

A vegetarian-only kitchen was still missing in Haarlem. Fortunately, the new restaurant vanVeg made it happen! The light, modern design of the store is developed and made by the owners. What makes this place unique is their creative and surprising menu. From Indian Dal, to French ratatouille and Thai curry; they show you that vegetarian dishes do not have to be dull! You can order a vanVeg-box with three perfectly matched dishes or you can choose your own from the great variety of dishes. And then I haven’t even said anything about the vegetarian deli’s you can buy as well! Soup, dressings, cereals, marmelades; all foodblog 2vegetarian freshly made and 70% is even vegan. Not only the dishes you buy are sustainable and organic, all their packagings are 100% recyclable and you get discount if you bring your own trays/boxes. So make yourself and the world a little better and go get your veggies on!

Address: Zijlstraat 21A,
2011 TJ Haarlem
Phone number: 023 – 700 12 80

Aangenaam – Biological and sustainable café
foodblog 3
foodblog 4

They do what their name promises: ‘pleasant’ for human, animal and environment. At this restaurant they only cook fresh, biological food for fair prices and have a great taste! Although the menu is not fully vegetarian, they do change the fish according to the (fishing) season and
make sure all the meat is free from animal cruelty. While your dish is served on a fair-trade plate, you can have a biological wine, a Max Havelaar (Fairtrade) coffee or just tap water (no water bottles allowed). On a sunny afternoon you can sit on the terrace while thinking happily
about the fact they used green energy to make your delicious dish and use only biodegradable detergents to clean it again. Not to mention that 5% of the profit goes to charities, if that won’t give you a carefree afternoon..what else will?

Address: Kleine Houtstraat 105, 2011 DK Haarlem
Phonenumber: 023 – 5317403

Pippas-pastaria-Haarlem-6Pippa’s – Italian Pasteria

This is another new biological restaurant nearby the train station. At this spacious, modern Italian restaurant you can get delicious biological (and some vegetarian) pasta, panini, fresh soups, salads and more! Before or right after your train journey you can have a healthy Italian lunch or supper inside or (if the weather allows it..) on the big terrace. All biological and affordable! Another fun fact: your waiter is probably someone who has difficulty getting a job and got a (second) chance from owner Jet Schotsman.

Address: Stationsplein 64-66, 2011 LM Haarlem


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