New Year, New FoodHub!

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With the new year comes some exciting changes here at the VU Green Office and, call me biased, but my personal favourite is the creation of the new FoodHub Team.

You may remember that early last year we launched the FoodHub Box where we trialed a weekly food box delivery scheme for VU students and staff. Following this we collected all your comments and suggestions and went on hiatus, deciding it was time to revamp and perfect the FoodHub Box for 2019. A key part of this revamp was the creation of a brand new team within the Green Office dedicated to reworking the FoodHub Box. That’s where I come in. Myself (Liz), Yifan, Frans, Nicole, Marijke, and Johanne have been secretly working away for the past three months to perfecting a new FoodHub Box, focusing on making it as sustainable and easy to use as possible. And the best news? We’re almost ready to launch!

Working with our new supplier Farmed Today, we are hoping to provide FoodHub Boxes full of local and organic goodies. As well as this, there will be the option to buy a box of ‘rescued food’ collected directly from local farmers and supermarkets. Both of these boxes will be available at an affordable price and, once your order is placed, can be collected weekly directly from the Green Office. Easy peasy!

We hope you are as excited about the new FoodHub Box as we are! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for the official launch date and further details on when you can start placing your orders.

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