The community online portfolio focuses on increasing the GO community and creating more sustainable awareness through our online channels.


We think blogs are a great way to spread the word on sustainability issues. Whether it’s a new regulation, such as the charging of plastic bags since the beginning of 2016, or a company acting (un)sustainably, our Team Media bloggers try to update you on every event which happens in the world of sustainability. Click here to read our blogs. The blogs we currently cover are mainly foodblogs, energyblogs and reviewblogs. If you have any idea for another type of blog or if you’re interested in becoming a blogger, please contact Shanice van der Sloot via

Social Media

What is a better way to spread the word then via Social Media? Nowadays, we see more and more people on social networking sites. Therefore, we try to update you on everything we do via these channels. Find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


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