Green Office VU is led by students of the VU University Amsterdam. These students each have their own portfolio and projects. Meet our team members! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or send an e-mail to


People in general tend to overestimate what they can do in one week, but underestimate what they can do in a year. I joined the Green Office in their quest to make a sustainable difference and to strive for a huge green social impact. I hope, one year from now, we as the green office team can proudly look back upon an amazingly successful year and say: ‘Wow, did we accomplished all that? Hopefully you will join our efforts both online and offline this year, so we can create a more sustainable future together!


Research Coordinator

The one thing that binds all studies and faculties together is sustainability. With our planet at risk, everything else is secondary. That is why I hope, through the Green Office, to generate and support opportunities for interdisciplinary research on sustainability and to create connections between individuals and institutions with the common goal of effecting positive change. If you are interested in research on sustainability, be it for a thesis or collaboration on a project (or anything else), feel free to get in touch!


Education Coordinator 

Creating awareness is the starting point of making changes. I believe educating people about sustainability will lead to adjustments in people’s lives. By inviting inspiring speakers for lectures and organizing creative workshops, hopefully everybody will feel the need to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. We’re all in this together!