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Name: Adriaan van der Tang
Age: 27
Study: MSc Environment and Resource Management (Graduated)
Coordinator since: July 2015
Previous experience: Exchange with Pretoria, South Africa, internship at ABP Fossielvrij.

Why GO.VU?
I finished my master in Environment and Resource Management at the VU in June 2015. While writing my thesis I was looking for new experiences in the sustainability field. I have studied at the VU for 6 years and felt that by working for the Green Office VU for a year I would give something back to the university.

My experiences
When I applied at the Green Office VU I applied for the Campus coordinator position. However after my interviews it was decided to split the portfolio Research & Education into two separate ones and that I would become the new Research coordinator. During my master I learned a lot about all the different aspects of sustainability. There is never just one point of view! This has helped me a lot during my work at the Green Office VU. Research on sustainability can be performed by all students at the VU. All fields can be linked to this and my vision during the last year was that I should help every student that has (some) interest in sustainability.

I’ve had many new experiences and moments I learned from during my year at the Green Office VU. It has shown me how the VU works as an organization and not just as a learning environment for students. Being part of the Green Office VU also means being part of the Green Business Club. This is a collaboration between companies at the Zuidas focusing on sustainability. I’ve also had contact with many organizations and people that are working within the sustainability field, which has enlarged both the Green Office VU network as well as mine. Having four jobs at the moment has forced me to set boundaries and plan very well. It is definitely possible to combine the Green Office VU with studying. However, be aware of the fact that it does require effort, time and attention!

Are you the next Adriaan?
As the Research coordinator you need to have wide range of knowledge on sustainability. You’ll be working with external and internal partners of the VU and all of them will have different backgrounds in the field. Be open minded and don’t hesitate to enlarge your knowledge when necessary. The job contains both administrative work as well as a lot of networking. A great thing about working at the Green Office VU is that every person gets her/his own space to discover what he/she likes to do and focus on that.

Some of my tasks:

  • Creating a network with green research partners;
  • Updating the inventory on Research at the VU;
  • Working together with thesis students;
  • Guiding students that are performing research on sustainability;
  • Publishing a journal with researches of students on sustainability;
  • Incorporating more research on sustainability within courses at all faculties.

 As the Research coordinator you are/have

  • Profound knowledge of different aspects of sustainability;
  • Good network skills;
  • Structured and organized;
  • Being a real team player (this will be of course necessary to work in the GO.VU team, but you will also work together with many students);
  • Fluency in English and basic understanding of Dutch.
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