Volume 2 (2018)

Estimating the effects of restoration on ecosystem services in the Haringvliet: Mapping current and future regulating ecosystem services. 

Nikita Kopa


To improve the state of the ecosystem of the Haringvliet, an estuary in the Southwest Delta
of the Netherlands, the dam, which cuts off the estuary from the sea, will be opened a little in
2018. My research aims to quantify plausible changes of the ecosystem services supply following this water management modification and accompanying habitat restoration measures. For this purpose, values of ecosystem services supply for the relevant ecosystems were collected from the literature and GIS mapping was applied. The study shows clearly that the ecosystem services supply is expected to increase in general following the restoration scenarios. The results can be used for the planning of additional restoration measures aiming to provide the highest possible supply of the ecosystem services.

Keywords: Ecosystem services, Haringvliet, water management, geographic information systems, GIS, nature restoration

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