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An opportunity to do more with your research papers!

Submit your papers for publication in the second edition of the Science for Sustainability Journal!

Deadline: August 31st 2017

The Science for Sustainability Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish cutting-edge sustainability related academic papers, written by students of the VU. This journal aspires to offer different approaches to sustainability from various academic backgrounds and increase student engagement with the subject of sustainability.  The editorial board of the journal, organized by Green Office VU, consists of professors and researchers of the VU, supported by students from different academic backgrounds. The journal offers a valuable experience for the authors and the student editors to acquire experience with publishing in the field of sustainability studies.

The goal of the Science for Sustainability Journal is to encourage student research on sustainability across various disciplinary fields, as well as to offer platform to promote originality and excellence in research in this field.

The first edition of the Science for Sustainability Journal has just been published, and the aim is to publish a second edition at the end of 2017. Scroll down to take a look at the first edition of the Science for Sustainability Journal. Submission for the second edition is now open, we welcome all sustainability-related topics!

Submission criteria:

  • Term papers or theses of bachelor or master programs;
  • 4000-8000 word limit (including references), so any papers exceeding this limit need to be shortened in order to be considered for review and submission;
  • APA-style referencing;
  • Graded 7 or above, or individually revised after official grading by tutors (does not apply to papers written independently);
  • Co-authored papers are allowed;
  • Includes an abstract (about 125 words);
  • Max 3 diagrams;
  • File should be in .doc or .docx format;
  • The paper should be submitted anonymously, to ensure the review is unbiased so remove your name and ID number from all pages;
  • Please create a seperate document that will serve as your cover sheet. Include your name & contact information. Please name the document: (Title of Paper)-Cover Sheet;
  • To submit your paper send an e-mail to research.govu@gmail.com mentioning Journal Submission “your name” as the e-mail subject. example: Journal Submission Tom Jansen.

Review & publication process:

  • a first selection of submitted papers is made by student reviewers;
  • selected students will write their papers into appropriat “article-format” if it is not yet in such a format
  • a second selection is made by the editorial board;
  • authors of selected papers will receive feedback and revise their papers accordingly.
  • a final selection will be conducted by the student review team.
  • authors are informed about the outcome;
  • publication on the Green Office VU website
    For more information send an e-mail to rosa@greenofficevu.nl

To submit your paper send it to research.govu@gmail.com !

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The long-awaited first-edition of the Green Office’s very own Science for Sustainability Journal is out. In this edition you will find an interesting research about the scope and importance of gender in the negotiations at the Paris COP 21 in 2015, an insightful article about how international organizations adapt to global climate change, and an intriguing article about risk sharing in the circular economy. Be sure to check it out!

Get your digital copy here.