Solutions to Food Waste

Alina FilippovaGeen categorie

It is said that around 88 million tons of food are wasted annually in the EU. Wasting food is not only an economical issue, but it also depletes the natural resources and has a strong impact on the environment.
With a little effort, everyone can play a role in reducing food waste. Are you wondering what you can do in your daily life to limit food waste? Then this blog can help you find a few simple solutions.



By following these tips, you can protect the environment and at the same time save your money:

1. Plan your shopping. Check the ingredients in the fridge and on your shelves, think about your meals for a week, and then write a shopping list for the extra groceries you need. Also, do not shop when you are hungry, since you will come home with more than you need.

2. Check the expiration dates. If you are not planning to eat products with a short “use by” date, look for those with a longer one. Remember that “use by” means the date until which food is safe to consume, while “better before” rather refers to the date up until when the product retains its expected quality, the products still can be eaten after the indicated “better before” date.



3. Store. Store the products according to the instructions on the packaging. Check the temperature of your fridge, the best temperature for freshness of foods is between 1 and 5 degrees Celsius.

4. Freeze. Some products can be saved from the waste in the freezer; for example, if you eat only a small amount of bread, you can freeze it and take a few slices from the fridge when you need them.




5. Turn it into food for your plants. Some food waste is unavoidable; nevertheless, you can turn it into the fertilizer for the plants in your garden by making a compost bin. More about creating a compost bin and sustainable gardening, you can read in a previous blog.

6. Use your leftovers. Do not scrap leftovers into the bin; you can use them next day for the lunch or put in a freezer to use later in a week.

As you can see preventing the food waste can be a lot easier than you might think! Do not forget that when we waste food, we waste all the resources it takes to bring it to our homes, such as water and energy. Keep more food on your plates, and out of trash.