The goal of the Student Consultancy Hub is to stimulate research on sustainability topics at the VU. We do this by sourcing research questions from within the VU and from external organisations. These research questions are then matched with the right staff and students, to create opportunities for theses and coursework based on “real-world” problems. 

Thus, we provide a tailor-made matching service that…

  • Allows students to create meaningful impact through their work,
  • Grants organisations access to motivated students,
  • And helps guide the VU and its surrounding community to a more sustainable future. 

Getting Involved

Whoever you are, we would love to hear from you!

Students: Are you a VU student eager to make an impact for a more sustainable future through your (thesis) research? Send us an email or stop by the office to discuss the options!

VU Staff: Do you need research-backed support to change something un-sustainable in your department? Do you see problems at the VU that could be solved through research-backed solutions? We can discuss how to convert your concerns into a research question that can be tackled by a student at the VU. Get in touch!

External (non-VU) parties: Are you (a member of) an organisation with complex questions regarding sustainability? Or, do you have access to such organisations? Through the SCH, we can tweak your research questions and match them to students from a vast range of faculties. Your questions could be turned into bachelor or master thesis research questions, or they could be included in yearly coursework. We are open to new partnerships. Get in touch and let’s discuss the options!

Thesis supervisors: Do you work in the fields of sustainability or climate change, and regularly supervise B- or M-theses? Are you open to collaboration? We would love to add you to our network!

Get in touch by emailing us at research@greenofficevu.nl or stop by the Office for a chat!


The Municipality of Amstelveen is going to move to a new location within the next 10 years, therefore it is currently looking for an optimised and more sustainable waste collection facility where raw materials and resources are used infinitely. The aim of Amstelveen is clear which focuses mainly on the significant reduction of annual average waste per capita to 30kg. 

The municipality is already on top of its game in reducing the effects of climate change by collecting, separating, and managing the waste, however, it wants to speed up sustainability in the city through “up-cycling”, but it cannot do it alone. It requires a change in thinking and effective cooperation with the citizens of Amstelveen by providing them the means to achieve their overall objective.

This project is led by Max Gerhard, Luna Giner, Noras Shante, and Danish Hussain. The project is set to be completed in January 2021.