Welcome to the page of the Student Consultancy Hub. The Hub is a platform that facilitates research on ‘real life’ sustainability issues by students from various studies at the university. The Hub aims to gather cases on sustainability from the university, as well as from external parties. The research facilitated by the Hub supports the transition to a more sustainable university and aims to help external parties to become more sustainable as well. Further, the Hub also enhances the research experience of the students and gives them the opportunity to gain the capacity to solve complex problems for their future careers.

The Student Consultancy Hub supports sustainability research by:

  • Offering the opportunity to both internal and external parties to present sustainability centered issues or ‘cases’ to be researched by students of the VU.
  • Connecting students that seek research projects that can influence the sustainability of internal and external parties to ‘real life’ research cases.
  • Coordinating the successful completion of each case and supporting students and key stakeholders throughout the process.

This project offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience whilst being instrumental in the creation of valuable research that will ultimately help organizations to make important, informed decisions that improve their sustainability.

Feel free to contact research@greenofficevu.nl if you would like to get involved or if you have any related questions.

How to get involved


If you want your (thesis) research to make an impact for a more sustainable future, to support the university to become sustainable in all aspects, ranging from operational activities to education and research, or seek to have an impact on the sustainability of external parties, the Hub is the place for you! Contact research@greenofficevu.nl if you would like to discuss the opportunity to take up one of these as a research project.

Internal parties:

If you need research-backed support for making changes in your department to become more sustainable, or if you would like to be consulted on any other matter concerning sustainability in your department, you can contact research@greenofficevu.nl. We can discuss how to convert your issue into a research case that can be solved by one of the students of the VU.

External parties:

If you would like academically created consultation on your sustainability issues or if you any other complex questions regarding sustainability, you can find assistance with this through the Student Consultancy Hub. The Vrije Universiteit has students with backgrounds in multiple study areas that are very capable of conducting research. The Green Office would be happy to help you find the right student or student group to work on sustainability related issue as part of their course assignments or (thesis) research. Contact research@greenofficevu.nl for more information.

Thesis Supervisors:

We are always looking for new contacts with researchers passionate about sustainability and environmental issues within their field. If you would like help in realising research projects in areas you think are relevant and impactful, you can contact research@greenofficevu.nl for help in finding external or internal partners.


This year the GO VU had the privilege of teaming up with the Amsterdam social enterprise ‘True Price’. True Price has its mission to help companies and organisations account for the environmental externalities of their activities. Three students from the faculty of business strategy worked closely with True Price on mapping stakeholders in the Dutch food industry, with a view to roadmapping the sustainable food transition in the Netherlands in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. This students did this in conjunction with a course on multi-stakeholder management. 

True Price were very impressed with the calibre and professionalism of the students, and were grateful for the unique and fresh perspective that the students brought from their coursework on the topic. 

You can find out more information about the work of True Price here, and about the SDG Food Initiative here