Sustainability for beginners – where do you begin?

Philip LadigesCommunity

SustainabilityOver the last few years, sustainability has gradually become a more important issue. Not just in world politics, but also in our everyday life. It’s becoming impossible to open a newspaper, or watch the news, without in some way being confronted with the topic of sustainability.The fact is that the way we are living in our planet right now simply isn’t sustainable. Something needs to change.

When looking at documentaries such as An Inconvenient Truth or the more recent Cowspiracy, it seems that the changes, we have to make, are huge. The magnitude of this can be intimidating. How could you personally ever make an impact? It’s easy to comfort yourself with the thought that whatever you do alone, has no influence in the big picture anyway. However, this is a case where a – perhaps cliché – quote is applicable, you yourself need to be the change you want to see in the world. But this is easier said than done. Although awareness on the topic of sustainability is rising, for a lot of people it is still unclear in what way you can do your part without changing your life completely. This is an issue I recognize for myself and for my circle of friends and family. The only way to overcome this uncertainty is by educating yourself on the topic. For me personally, the urge to act in a more green or sustainable way is much bigger when I’m not only aware of the issues we are facing but also educated on what steps to take towards a more green lifestyle. This is part of the reason why I think the Green Office is such a great initiative. By focusing on several subjects, it not only raises awareness but also calls for concrete action. Although it’s been 2016 for more than a month already, I know that my resolutions for this year will be to educate myself and learn more about sustainability in everyday life.

So what about you?