The Myth of Superfood

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Not long ago, you felt quite healthy eating an apple in the break, putting some banana in your yoghurt or drinking an orange juice in the morning. And already my grandma told me ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. But things have changed and it seems like the apple is becoming a bit out of fashion, a bit ‘too normal’. Today people eat exotic and fancy stuff like quinoa, kale or acai berries – the so-called ‘superfood’ to feel really healthy. But is this superfood actually ‘super’? Or is it more of a myth?

Superfood_Green_Office_VU AmsterdamIt seems that superfood is not a trend anymore but already well established as source of beauty, health and dieting today. By now, one can buy quinoa or chia seeds almost in every supermarket and order it in many cafés. But what is it all about? Generally, the term ‘superfood’ is lacking a technical definition. However, when people are talking about superfood it mainly includes a multitude of different fruits and vegetables that have healthy effects and are particularly nutritionally dense. Most of them contain antioxidants that evidently can prevent certain diseases. But many scientists doubt the positive effects of superfood and controversially discuss whether they are actually better than ‘normal’ fruits and vegetables. The EU even banned the term ‘superfood’ from packages unless its positive effects are proven by valid research. So apparently ‘superfood’ has become more or less a marketing term – a buzzword – but not more.

Super or not – one thing is for sure, superfood can depict a nice entry into a healthy and conscious nutrition. And (most) of them are tasty, really tasty. Particularly quinoa and other seeds constitute very good substitutes for bread and other wheat products. So particularly for gluten intolerant persons those products are quite promising. Whether they are superior to normal fruits and vegetables or not, they at least provide a new culinary variety and offer nice substitutes for vegans, vegetarians and persons with other allergies. Even Jamie Oliver, well-known for pizza and pasta, lately wrote a cookbook about superfood and created some really nice and especially easy recipes for everyday. Check out his website to get some inspiration for todays ‘Meatless Monday’ and figure out the myth of superfood by yourself!

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