The New VU Foodbox

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The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed the recent changes over at Farmed Today. Following its launch 12 months ago, founder Demba Lehrer has been consistently tweaking the Farmed Today products in order to ensure the best produce reaches their customers, you! More recently this has meant a big change… a new food box!

The new food box replaces both the previous VU ‘local and organic’ and ‘circular’ food boxes. Containing only seasonal fruit and veggies from local farmers, grown under sustainable conditions and sourced transparently. The new food box has been carefully designed to ensure the produce is always of highest quality and is really focussed on supporting small local farmers. Some other cool things about the food box are that it is plastic free AND will still contains wonky sized vegetables that the supermarkets refuse to buy! So rejoice, the enormous carrots are here to stay.

However, the decision has been taken by Farmed Today to stop selling rescued fruit and vegetables from supermarkets and cafes. The reason for this was due to feedback in regards to the quality of some of the produce in the rescued boxes. This is something that the Food Hub team have personally received feedback about from some of you, so we hope you’ll be happy with the changes happening.

So, what does this mean for the VU Foodbox? There will now only be one box available to buy coming in two sizes: Small (2Kg) and Regular (3Kg). N.B. these are the same sizes the old boxes came in. Due to the changes in the produce, there has also been a slight change to the price. The price of the new box falls between the price of the old rescued and organic boxes. The small is €7.20 and the regular is €11.50. It is also still possible to subscribe and get a box weekly or fortnightly!

We’re excited to start getting deliveries of the new VU Foodbox!

Want to know more? You can read the official statement from Demba below. You can also send us a message on Instagram @GreenOfficeVU or drop by the Green Office between 9-5pm.

‘My goal is to provide only the best for you. After over 6 months of testing and feedback, I have decided to remove the current choice of food-boxes that we offer. I have created the Circular Food Box based on solving the current problem of food waste. But the produce itself are not of the best quality, neither could we provide them for a price that could beat any other non- rescued produce. Therefore we will now focus on what we really want to focus on: The highest quality of produce from the most local farms, grown under sustainable conditions and sourced in a transparent way. I present to you: ‘My Farmed Today Food Box’. From May 2019 onwards, the ‘My Farmed Today Food Box’ will replace the current ‘Circular Food Box’ and the ‘Local Food Box’ . This box will be priced higher than the Circular Box and a bit lower than the Local Food Box. As a founder at Farmed Today, I believe that this is one of the most important steps for us to move from an average product to offering a product that will provide more value than you can receive anywhere else.’

See you at pick-up on Tuesday!
The Food Hub team x