The Plastic Canal Cleanup with Amsterdam Schoon

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If you have visited the Europride last weekend you must’ve noticed the ‘Amsterdam Schoon’ boat floating through the canals. During the canal parade this boat called attention to the cleanliness of the canals and the city centre, especially after a large event as the Europride. The municipality of Amsterdam and the organizations Plastic Whale, WASTED and the Plastic Soup foundation joined forces to keep Amsterdam plastic soup free! Read more about their initiative below.

The project ‘Amsterdam Schoon’ started earlier this year as part of a large central ‘clean city’ project from the municipality of Amsterdam. It is a long-term project of 3 years that’s targeted to bring structural change in waste management during events. From this ‘Amsterdam Schoon’ project a lot of activities have been organized in Amsterdam to make people aware of the situation. Events are large polluters and deliver big amounts of waste every time. The inhabitants of Amsterdam are being called to contribute to the cleaning of this waste, together with companies like WASTED and Plastic Whale.

Wondering what can you do to keep the city clean even during events like the Europride? For starters, bring your own sustainable bottle to refill for the day! Around Amsterdam a lot of water tap points have been installed to refill your bottle on the streets with clean drinkable water. It’ll save you money, and help the environment. Also, when you are at an event, look out for the WASTED Soldiers who are walking around collecting plastic waste. Thirds, join ‘Amsterdam Schoon’ and collect waste together with your friends! Every year after the Canal Parade, Plastic Whale organizes a day where they go around plastic fishing out of the canals of Amsterdam.

Check out the pages of WASTED, Plastic Whale and The Plastic Soup Foundation  to see what you can contribute to a plastic soup-free Amsterdam.

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