The True Cost

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therealcostblogWe live in a big city where streets are always crowded with tourists and locals eager to buy new clothes and keep up with the latest trends. Even just a few decades ago, clothing had been seen as something to use for years, but now, everything is disposable. Soon the winter sale season will begin and the cheaper prices will boost sales numbers. Have you thought about fashion industry‘s environmental influence on our planet?

The documentary The True Cost, tells the story of clothing in various cities, from the people who make them to the people who wear them. The film does an amazing job of showing the dramatic environmental impact of “fast fashion”. According to Livia Firth, the creative director at a sustainability consulting firm Eco-Age, the world now consumes about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year and the average American generates 82 pounds of textile waste a year. The film will demonstrate how pollution occurs throughout all stages of textile production. The rate of pollution is increasing and various ecosystems experience the harmful effects.

Super Size Me showed us that fast food is not good for our health, and now The True Cost teaches us that fast fashion will never be good for our planet. What’s in your closet?

The trailer and more information about the film can be found by clicking here .