The weather didn’t rain on our parade!

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Climate March 3AMSTERDAM – Last Sunday was the Global Climate March in Amsterdam. With me 7000 others joined forces and started at Museumplein a beautiful yet critical march through Amsterdam. It was impressive to see all these people with different backgrounds, motives, and beliefs together to make a statement against climate change.

I joined the FossilFree movement during the march. Equipped with banners, flags, jackets, a ‘bakfiets’, fossil ‘fools’, the 1% of the economy, an ABP ‘representative’, and a group of highly motivated people we started the 3 hour march. The atmosphere was amazing!! We sang, screamed, danced, informed people, and created awareness in Amsterdam. The parade was so colorful and diverse that it gave me goose bumps when I realized there are so many people with the drive and the will to change how we are treating our planet right now.Climate march 2

However here comes the critical note. The march was beautiful and it definitely brought people together, however it cannot end with this. What happens now? My request to you is to look out for a bottom-up/communal movement in your area and start to help change business as it goes. If you need help with that you can always contact me and I will help you to find a movement that suits you best!

Now Paris COP21 is going on. We will try to inform you as much as possible on our multiple media and please inform us as well if we tend to forget important topics!