To publish, or not to publish? That’s not the question

Green Office Team 2019Geen categorie

During the late nights and long hours spent over assignments, you may wonder why publishing your work would be an appealing idea. Here are three convincing reasons to open that document, grab another coffee and publish your work in the Green Office Science for Sustainability Journal:

  • It looks great on your CV. Simple as that. If you’re planning to enter into academia, this is an invaluable experience to start early with the process of building a repertoire of your research. However, if you’re not heading down the academia route, practicing your editing skills, complying with set criteria and meeting deadlines are transferable skills that apply to a variety of sectors.
  • The field of sustainability is dynamic, innovative and covers a range of disciplines. Therefore, contributing to this extremely relevant and increasingly vital discourse through peer-review publication is a reliable way to disseminate knowledge. You never know who is reading your work.
  • Pride. Producing high quality academic assignments should be a source of satisfaction, so much so that you should share it and add to the sustainability conversation because you absolutely have something worth saying.

Are you convinced yet? You should be, because it is time to make your hard-work work for you. Boost your CV demonstrating key transferable skills, gain experience of the publication process, join in the sustainability conversation and take your assignments to the next level.

Read our authors’ guidelines for the journal requirements and submit your papers to the Green Office by April 17th 2019.