The Student Consultancy Hub offers voluntary research projects, thesis projects and internships. If you are interested in a sustainable research project, take a look here or come by our office.


VOLUNTEERS: If you want to become a volunteers you can sign up for our mailing list by emailing us at We will send an email when we have new (short-term and long-term) projects for volunteers. Stay tuned to our social media and our website!

At the moment we are hiring! We are looking for an Education Coordinator and Media Coordinator. Want to apply? Send your CV and a short motivation (maximum one A4 page) to Deadline: 15th September. Keep track of announcements on our social media and our website!


At this time all positions are filled. But we will update the website when a position becomes available!


MANAGER: a new manager gets recruited once a year. Managers always begin their term on January 1st, with a recruitment period taking place in November. More specific dates with be announced on our social media and our website!